Originating from Philadelphia, home to many of the top spoken word artists of our day, writer and spoken word artist, Tamika “TL” Murphy’s prolific voice and God-breathed verses are sure to establish her as one of the most influential poets of this generation. Of her poetry TL has said,“This is my gift. God has blessed me with this gift not to contain it but to leak it, not just to have it but to speak it. I have now learned that I have to move in His will.”

Her flexibility, humility and commanding stage presence allow her to deliver rousing pieces like He Is, deeply personal and transparent

pieces like Secrets and Kadesh as well as raw and unsparing pieces like Addicted, Questions (5Ws) and We Are At War with an emphatic, anointed and unquestionable flow.

TL’s unrestrained debut spoken word album Truthfully Speaking, touched on aspects of life as a woman, a person of color, and most definitely a Christian as it masterfully weaves through subjects ranging from redemption, love, freedom and pain to emotional, physical and spiritual healing. This "cry loud poet" doesn't shy away from topics like realism in Christ and takes an unbiased look at racism and the most prevalent issues facing the black community. Her follow up project Consecrated Pen reunites her with SoundVillage Entertainment. Rich with live music on all 16 tracks, Consecrated Pen is already building a buzz with new pieces like Slideback, Quite the Romantic and Seed & Soil. 


Each time TL picks up a mic or pen she yields herself to the word spoken through her,  and with praise, affirmation and inspiring calls to action she lifts up her voice like a trumpet and cries loud.

TL Murphy has performed spoken word for years within the body of Christ and various spoken word venues. She is the founder of Cry Loud! Press and the visionary behind the Cry Loud! Movement for Christian Arts, which provides an outlet for the arts to be performed without compromise. She is the author of two collections of poetry Miles of My Mind (2002) and Cry Loud! A Collection of Words Written and Spoken (2012), on sale in the Web Store. Along with her work as a writer and poet, TL is a member of the House of God Church where she is a minister of the gospel and uses the art of spoken word to bring a message of healing, salvation, deliverance and the power of God to reach those who have been waiting for someone to stand in the gap and CRY LOUD!

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